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Raising awareness...

As part of its effort to help the Little Sisters help the refugee community of Dbayeh, The Deipara Initiative works to raise awareness of the ongoing plight of the community in Dbayeh, and of the larger refugee crisis of which they are part. The refugee community in Dbayeh is predominantly Christian. These men and women share fully in the hardships of the larger Palestinian refugee population, yet their existence is virtually unknown to the world. Even as the plight of Middle Eastern Christians fires the zeal and imaginations of Western Christians, this almost never includes the Palestinian Christian population. 


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“The Christian Palestinians here suffer a triple injustice", says Souheil Natour, a prominent Beirut-based human rights advocate. "First, they share in the injustice done to all Palestinians when we were pushed out of our homes in Palestine. Second, many Muslim Palestinians distrust them because they believe that they are somehow aligned with the West and with those Lebanese Christians who have pursued violently anti-Palestinian policies. Third, many Lebanese Christians don’t care that these people are Christians, they see them simply as Palestinians vermin who need to get the hell out of Lebanon. I would say that, emotionally and psychologically, the Christian Palestinians have the most difficult situation of us all.”

"The spirit of peace is not a spirit of weakness but a spirit of strength..."

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